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Apatite Mineral Data

General Apatite Information Chemical Formula Ca5 PO4 3 OH,F,Cl Composition Molecular Weight = 50912 gm Calcium 3936 Ca 5507 CaO Phosphorus 1825 P 4182 P 2 O 5 Hydrogen 007 H 059 H 2 O Chlorine 232 Cl 232 Cl...Know More

Adsorption of sulfosuccinate collector on apatite and ,

May 07, 2021 0183 32 A phosphate ore from the Catalão mine Brazil poses a challenge for apatite flotation from its carbonate gangue minerals In recent developments, selectivity has been enhanced by using CO 2 instead of air The adsorption of ,...Know More

Surface chemistry and flotation behavior of monazite, apatite, ilme,

Nov 01, 2008 0183 32 The presence of different apatite types is characteristic of igneous phosphate deposits The flotation performances of primary and secondary apatites occurring in phoscorites, weathered phoscorites and pyroxenites were investigated As a contribution towards the understanding of the behaviour of the flotation system, the major gangue minerals ....Know More

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deposit This view of gangue equates value with ore min-erals The table gives the most common gangue minerals Rimstidt 1997 As one reads through this list, however, it becomes obvious that many gangue minerals may be of great value in the mineral-specimen market Also, inclu-sion in the table does not preclude a mineral from being...Know More

Blue Apatite Meanings, Properties and Powers

Blue Apatite Properti Blue apatite is a form of the mineral group that was named apatite in 1786, although the strict definition of this mineral formation was not determined, as it is used today, until 1860 The mineral apatite comes from a Greek word meaning to deceive, because of its unusual origins...Know More

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Apatite is a field term for unidentified calcium phosphate members of the apatite group Most apatite is fluorapatite, whereas hydroxylapatite is much less common and chlorapatite is very rare Apatite crystals are short to long hexagonal ,...Know More

radionuclide and heavy metal redistribution at the former ,

Apatite and, particularly niobium, ores are known to exhibit elevated uranium and thorium concentrations Solatie et al 2010 Pilot-scale mining and mineral processing took place at Sokli up to the end of the 1970s Processing of ore is not thought to have included chemical treatment but was limited to removal of gangue minerals by physical ....Know More

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May 01, 2014 0183 32 The mineral belongs to an apatite group of phosphate minerals, making it useful for fertiliser production The chemicals within also have uses in the chemical and pharmaceutical industri Mining companies developed commercial-scale apatite mines in ,...Know More

52 Bright Blue Apatite Sphere

Apatite is not a single mineral but a group of phosphate based minerals that includes hydroxylapatite, fluorapatite and chlorapatite Fluorapatite is by far the most common variety and can be found as both hexagonal crystals in many colors and massive forms The stone from Madagascar generally referred to as Blue Apatite is a massive form of fluorapatite...Know More

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Uses of Talc Talc is a soft mineral used in cosmetics, paper, paint, ceramics and many other products Kyanite Kyanite is a metamorphic mineral used to make porcelain, abrasive products and gems Smithsonite Smithsonite is a zinc carbonate mineral, an ore of ,...Know More

Gangue mineralogy of titanium Ti in the Kiirunavaara ,

Magnetic separation is regarded as the crucial part in separating gangue minerals besides apatite from the ore However, in the future, additional flotation steps may be required to ensure efficient elimination of Ti-bearing minerals during the beneficiation process CITATION Niiranen, K and Rutanen, H, 2019...Know More

Mount Apatite Park, Auburn, Maine

of mineral exploration, both commercial and amateur Today amateurs may still search the mine tailings for apatite, tourmaline, and quartz specimens special rules apply The park features approximately four miles of trails for non-motorized uses such as hiking, mountain biking, cross-country skiing, and snowshoeing...Know More

Occurrence of apatite and associated gangue minerals in ,

Occurrence of apatite and associated gangue minerals in the Toyoha deposits, west Hokkaido, Japan...Know More

Open Access Mixed Anionic/Non

apatite and magnetite powders, and the apatite flotation Mixed Anionic/Non-Ionic Collectors in Phosphate Gangue Flotation The Open Mineral Processing Journal, 2011, Volume 4 15 response from magnetite fines have been presented and discussed in this paper EXPERIMENTAL...Know More

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Apatite as phosphate mineral is the main useful mineral with a content of 6842 Gangue minerals include silicate minerals quartz, anorthite, muscovite, hornblende, etc , carbonate minerals calcite, dolomite and other traces of orthoclase, kaolinite, pyrite, goethite, barite, biotite and so forth Quartz, calcite and dolomite make up the ....Know More

Structurally Robust, Chemically Diverse Apatite and ,

Apatite has a robust hexagonal atomic framework based on two distinct metal-cation sites M1, M2 , a tetrahedral-cation site T , and an anion column along four edges of the unit cell These cation and anion sites can, among them, incorporate more than half of the long-lived elements in the periodic table, giving rise to the apatite ....Know More

PDF Surface tension of flotation solution and its ,

Unlike apatite, gangue minerals did not exhibit a plateau of high recovery the higher the surface tension of solution, the higher was otation recovery of carbonates and silicat...Know More

Flotation study of fine grained carbonaceous sedimentary ,

Jun 01, 2018 0183 32 The mineral association results from MLA are given in Fig 5a The main gangue interlocked with apatite consists of carbonate minerals, mostly dolomite and a bit of calcite The amount of locked particles increases with particle size, ie liberation by free surface of apatite decreases with increasing particle size...Know More

Mining and Beneficiation of Phosphate Ore IntechOpen

Jan 08, 2016 0183 32 Despite the fact that the flotation of apatite is difficult due to its physicochemical properties being similar to other minerals present in phosphate ores ,, the froth flotation is widely used in mineral processing technologies to separate finely ground valuable minerals from a mixture with gangue minerals initially present in a pulp...Know More

Apatite thin section

Apatite PPL properti Habit/Form Apatite forms small euhedral to subhedral elongate prismatic crystals with hexagonal cross sections Longitudinal sections through the crystals are usually elongate-rectangular in outline with the poor cleavage cutting across the length Also found as anhedral grains, and granular or columnar aggregat...Know More

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Jul 19, 2017 0183 32 2 The gangue minerals such as muscovite, hematite, and apatite were effectively removed by a combined process of calcination and fluoride-free pressure acid leaching, while the removal rates of the most important impurity elements Al, K, and Fe were 882 wt , 990 wt and 981 wt , respectively, for the HCl-NH 4 Cl system, and 875 wt ....Know More

Magnetite Ore Mining Solution

The gangue containing polymetallic magnetite often contains silicate or carbonate minerals, associated with cobalt pyrite, chalcopyrite and apatite, etc Generally, the combined process of weak magnetic separation-flotation is used, that is, weak magnetic separation process recovers iron, and flotation process recovers sulfide or apatite...Know More

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Phosphate minerals of apatite from three mines with different amounts of gangue minerals were activated by milling to increase their microcrystallinity and subsequent dissolution in a citric acid solution to serve as slow-release ,...Know More

How to separate Fluorite from common gangue minerals ,

It is an important fluorine-containing mineral in nature and the main source of fluorine for industrial use Fluorite often coexists with calcite, dolomite, quartz, barite, pyrite, galena, sphalerite and other minerals, and is similar to calcite, barite and other common gangue minerals, making flotation separation more difficult...Know More

Characterization of the Rare

The minerals identified were the major ore minerals, magnetite and hematite the rare-earth phosphates, monazite and xenotime the rare-earth silicate, allanite the minor associated minerals, cassiterite, pyrite, and apatite and the gangue ,...Know More

Hicks Dome Rare

apatite gangue calcite gangue quartz , gangue quartz gangue analytical data result in the breccia zone, fluorite was 2 to 5 and one sample contained 128 caf2 thorium probably accounts for the 0029 equivalent uranium in the upper part of the breccia , significance of unusual mineral occurrence at hicks dome, hardin county ....Know More

Rare earth mineralogy in tailings from Kiirunavaara iron ,

Nov 01, 2017 0183 32 Four main and three minor rare-earth-element REE -bearing minerals were identified and quantified in the Kiirunavaara apatite iron ore tailings using optical microscopy, an electron probe microanalyzer EPMA and a mineral liberation analyzer, and their chemical compositions were analyzed by the EPMA and laser ablation inductively coupled plasma-mass ,...Know More

Apatite gemstone information

The name Apatite derived from Greek meaning I am misleading , because it can be easily confused with other minerals eg beryl The material is soft, brittle and sensitive to heat It has a wide variety of colour Clear transparent stones are faceted, and chatoyant specimens are cut into cabochons Apatite s eye...Know More

Mineral Resources and Geofluids

Dec 04, 2006 0183 32 Most ore minerals are abbreviated according to Chace 1956 and most gangue minerals according to Kretz 1983 Following Chace 1956 and the dominant use in publications on economic geology, and in contrast to Kretz 1983 , mineral abbreviations are written in lowercase Native elements are capitalized...Know More

Mineralogical and chemical features of gangue phases in ,

Abstract Gangue minerals from hydrothermal deposits apatite and carbonates and their host rocks from three different volcanic areas SE Spain, La Serena and Melipilla in Coastal Range of Chile have been studied for broad elemental compositions...Know More