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Supersaurus might be the longest dinosaur that ever lived ,

Nov 15, 2021 0183 32 An illustration of Supersaurus shows what a giant it was, reaching at least 128 feet 39 meters in length Image credit Sean Fox/Fossil Crates The gold medal for the longest dinosaur in the ....Know More

Couple discover mammoth find of rare marine fossils in ,

Jul 21, 2021 0183 32 Couple discover mammoth find of rare marine fossils in Wiltshire Neville and Sally Hollingworth, non-professional palaeontologists, discovered the site in Wiltshire during the second lockdown ....Know More

Paleontologists Hit a Dinosaur Jackpot in Italy

Dec 02, 2021 0183 32 The site is a quarry in Villaggio del Pescatore, a northeastern Italian town Dinosaurs were first found there in the 1980s, and in the years since more and more fossils have come out of the rock...Know More

30 Most Impressive Fossil Sites in North America

The fossil beds date back approximately 508 million years, to the Middle Cambrian period, and significant finds have included Priapulida predatory marine worms , various ancient mollusks, and more than 53 species of Arthropods, to name but a ,...Know More

The origin of the Brunflo fossil meteorite and ,

The Brunflo fossil meteorite was found in the 1950s in mid-Ordovician marine limestone in the Gärde quarry in Jämtland It originates from strata that are about 5 million years younger than similar limestone that more recently has yielded gt 50 fossil meteorites in the Thorsberg quarry at Kinnekulle, 600 km to the south Based primarily on the low TiO2 content about 18 wt of ,...Know More

Fossils Ostrich

Nov 29, 2021 0183 32 An ostrich-like, herbivorous creature called Effigia that lived in North America some 205 million years ago used it jaws to snip leaves off of plants and nibble them, a study found This is a ....Know More

Fossil remains of herd of 11 dinosaurs discovered in Italy ,

Dec 02, 2021 0183 32 A treasure trove of fossils of a herd of 11 dinosaurs has been identified for the first time in Italy, including the biggest and most complete dinosaur skeleton ever found in the country Although ....Know More

Fossil Creek Stone Stone World Company

Fossil Creek Stone is a quartzitic sandstone formed over 300 million years ago in the deserts of Eastern New Mexico Formed by water deposits with a higher compressive strength 16,400 psi and a low absorption rate 2 , Fossil Creek Stone can be ,...Know More

Fossils Remains of a toothless, two

Nov 19, 2021 0183 32 The fossil was unearthed in the Cemitério dos Pterossauros Quarry in the Cruzeiro do Oeste Municipality of Southern Brazil s Paraná State...Know More

Fossil Hunting Digging

Plan your fossil hunting trip to Fossil Basin where you can unearth your very own fossil fish To learn more about the history of ancient Fossil Lake, stop by Fossil Butte National MonumentDuring the summer, the national monument has a Fossil Quarry Program where visitors can help with the fossil hunting, but you cannot keep any fossils found at the site...Know More