can i mill ammonium perchlorate

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Ammonium perchlorate Description Ammonium perchlorate is an oxidiser used in a large number of compositions Very impressive colour compositions can be made with it, but their burn rate is often too low for use in star compositions For lance work and torches slow burning is an advantage and it is therefore commonly used in these items...Know More

Why does potassium perchlorate mixed with aluminum make ,

Answer 1 of 2 Actually, BOTH of these mixtures can can function quickly like a flash powder OR slowly like a flare or rocket propellant These differences in behavior are due to the physical form of the mixture, NOT the chemical identity of the mixture If one of these mixtures is made fr....Know More

Thermal decomposition of mechanoactivated ammonium perchlorate

Nov 10, 2018 0183 32 The regimes of non-explosive mechanical treatment of ammonium perchlorate AP in high-energy intensity planetary ball mill are found The changes in the structure and reactivity of AP as a result of mechanical processing were studied by methods of synchronous thermal analysis with registration of mass spectra, x-ray diffraction, microscopy and elemental ,...Know More

Method for preparing small particle size coated ammonium ,

iv discharging said ammonium perchlorate slurry from said mill and, v drying said discharged ammonium perchlorate slurry at a temperature ranging from about 120 176 F to 160 176 F for a period of time of up to about 3 days to yield an ammonium perchlorate product with a uniform coating of said aziridine compound 2...Know More

Effect of aluminum morphology on thermal decomposition of ,

Aug 28, 2018 0183 32 Ammonium perchlorate AP is the most commonly used oxidant in solid propellants 1,2,3,4,5,6 With the development of modern weapons, there is an urgent desire for technology to improve the overall performance of solid propellants...Know More

PDF Prediction of Particle Size of Ammonium Perchlorate ,

Ammonium perchlorate has been pulverised by an impact mill air classifier mill to study the influence of different operating parameters, viz, effect of mill speed, classifier speed, feed rate ....Know More

Ammonium Perchlorate, 90 micron

Ammonium Perchlorate, 90 micron- 1 lb 90 micron...Know More

The Rocket Blog How to make ammonium perchlorate ,

Jul 17, 2012 0183 32 To obtain ammonium or potassium perchlorate, we will use what is called a double decomposition Introduce, either ammonium or potassium chloride in the solution and the corresponding salt will precipitate out as their solubility is very low compared to sodium perchlorate To finish, extract the perchlorate and let it dry in the sun...Know More

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The ammonium sulfate is very soluble in water and the perc can be filtered off NH4ClO4 KNO3 = KClO4 NH4NO3 Same as above, ammonium nitrate extremely soluble in water and is useful, can be precipitated by boiling down NH4ClO4 KCl = KClO4 NH4Cl Once again ammonium chloride is highly soluble...Know More

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Ammonium perchlorate, 998 trace metals basis MilliporeSigma Formula NH 4 ClO 4 Formula Weight 11749 CAS No 7790-98-9 Purity 998 trace metals basis Density 195 g/mL at ,...Know More

The effects of ammonium perchlorate on thyroid homeostasis ,

Thyroid effects of perchlorate were identified by assessing different responses of these genes at the treatments of perchlorate and iodine deficiency The results indicated that high dose perchlorate 520 mg kg -1 bwt can induce a significant decrease in body weight and cause hypertrophy of thyroid gland, with a decreased level of FT3, FT4 ....Know More

KClO4 ammonia smell?

Oct 18, 2021 0183 32 Its could be ammonium perchlorate Or if you sure about that its could be make from AP AP potassium salt----- gt KP solid ammonium salt and little ammonium that stay on there can make ammonia smell If you are not sure about AP and KP make a solution KP is very low solubility and AP is soluble Back to top...Know More

I mixed potassium chlorate and aluminum powder in ,

Answer 1 of 3 First of all, potassium chlorate and aluminum powder makes a very sensitive and dangerous flash You should be using potassium perchlorate instead of chlorate It is more stable and less sensitive to friction, static, etc The common ratio is ,...Know More

Ammonium perchlorate

Jun 17, 2019 0183 32 Ammonium perchlorate is harmful if ingested or inhaled AP is a strong oxidizer and may explode if heated in the presence of a fuel Storage AP should be kept in plastic or glass bottles, away from any combustible and flammable materials Disposal Ammonium perchlorate can be destroyed by mixing it with a fuel and carefully burn the mixture...Know More

Preparation and Properties of a Flake Aluminum Powder in ,

Dec 28, 2020 0183 32 Abstract A flake aluminum powder f-Al is prepared by a bi-directional rotation mill method using a spherical aluminum powder s-Al as a raw material Then, these two kinds of aluminum powders are used to prepare ammonium perchlorate-based composite modified double-base AP-based CMDB propellants The properties of two kinds of AP-based CMDB ,...Know More

Method of producing ground fraction of ammonium perchlorate

Ammonium perchlorate is fed into a jet mill by a feeding screw with capacity of 300 kg/h The height of the ammonium perchlorate layer in the hopper over the inlet part of the feeding screw is kept not less than 100 mm The ammonium perchlorate is fed by an air stream formed by two gas pumps for grinding into a grinding chamber, separated into ....Know More

Tests for Chlorate and Perchlorate

Tests for Chlorate and Perchlorate The ability to be able to tell what, and how much of what, is in your product is very useful The ability to test for trace amounts of Chlorate in Perchlorate is particularly useful when it comes to making other Perchlorates from Sodium Perchlorate especially Ammonium Perchlorate as you don t want any Ammonium Chlorate to be formed ,...Know More

powder air milling of ammonium perchlorate

Feb 26, 2021 0183 32 can i mill ammonium perchlorate Using the pin mill, ammonium perchlorate, ammonium nitrate or potassium nitrate can be milled to obtain particle sizes in the region of 5 to 10 181 m The special infrastructure at the Fraunhofer ICT enables substances such as the highly hygroscopic oxidant ammonium perchlorate to be milled using the jet mill...Know More

Ammonium perchlorate NH4ClO4

The product ammonium perchlorate apparently had not been tested for mass large quantity detonation prior to this fire , and its classification was based on small scale tests Although not previously considered to be explosive, this incident obviously gives testimony to the fact that ammonium perchlorate can explode...Know More

Method of producing ground fraction of ammonium perchlorate

Ammonium perchlorate is fed into a jet mill by a feeding screw with capacity of 300 kg/h The height of the ammonium perchlorate layer in the hopper over the inlet part of the feeding screw is kept not less than 100 mm The ammonium ,...Know More

Perchlorate as an environmental contaminant

Perchlorate anion ClO4- has been found in drinking water supplies throughout the southwestern United Stat It is primarily associated with releases of ammonium perchlorate by defense contractors, military operations, and aerospace programs Ammonium perchlorate is used as a solid oxidant in miss ,...Know More

How to get Ammonium perchlorate in Canada

Answer I don t know why people feel the need to belittle people looking for chemicals It teaches absolutely nothing and makes assumptions about someone they never even met Thinking someone is a bomb builder/terrorist because they want NH4ClO4 only shows the ignorance of the person answering th....Know More

A Guide to Solid Rocket Propellant Manufacturing

Chemical Oxidizers Ammonium perchlorate can accelerate a fire as it is an oxidizer Separate storage of oxidizer and aluminum powder Proper firefighting contingency Class D extinguisher PPE Required N100 Particulate and Fume Respirator This is to mitigate any respiratory irritation from particles or resin fum ....Know More

Why is ammonium perchlorate dangerous? For military ,

Ammonium perchlorate is a very toxic substance, very damaging for humans, animals and for the environment This substance can cause eye and skin irritation, and very dangerous situations if swallowed Other skin affections can lead to dermatitis and blisters, and also breathing difficulties or even uncounsciousness if inhaled...Know More

Ammonium perchlorate PyroData

Ammonium perchlorate is usually bought from chemical suppliers or from dedicated pyro suppliers Fine ammonium perchlorate powder is a regulated substance in most countries and cannot easily be bought or transported Since it is such a useful chemical in pyrotechnics it can be worth the time and effort to try to prepare it at home...Know More

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Apr 14, 2015 0183 32 Even small explosions can seriously injure someone A ball mill is easy to make and inexpensive Use the right equipment when dealing with anything potentially explosive A few examples , Tannerite adds ammonium perchlorate, titanium powder and zinc hydroxide...Know More

Ammonium perchlorate Article about ammonium perchlorate ,

Ammonium perchlorate, a widely used ingredient in solid rocket propellants, has been found in drinking water wells in regions of the US where aerospace material, munitions, and fireworks were developed, tested, or manufactured ESI-MS quickens analysis of contaminants electrospray ionization-mass spectrometry ESI-MS is a detection method ....Know More

Which is better to make flash powder, potassium ,

Answer 1 of 3 I usually try not to answer questions like this, but I will weigh in here First, I should say that I don t reccomend making flash powder as it is very dangerous and I personally know people who have had their fingers blown off their hands because of flash powder It ,...Know More

Technical Fact Sheet

Perchlorate may occur naturally, particularly in arid regions such as the southwestern United States Rao and others 2007 Manufactured forms of perchlorate include perchloric acid and salts such as ammonium perchlorate, sodium perchlorate and potassium perchlorate EPA FFRRO 2005 ITRC 2005...Know More


oxidizing agents and at elevated temperatures can react explosively Schilt 1979 The activation energy of ammonium perchlorate is 1238 kJ/mol below 240 176 C, 791 kJ/mol above 240 176 C, and 3071 kJ/mol between 400 and 440 176 C Mendiratta et al 1996 The production volume of ammonium perchlorate far...Know More